3D Solution

  • Viewracle 3D
  • Convert 2D game & UI to Stereo 3D ones on Mobile & TV


Viewracle 3D is the name of NexusChips’  real time software conversion solution of  Open GLES based 2D images to S3D ones

If graphic contents has been made by Open GLES, it can be rendered to high quality S3D ones by Viewracle 3D.











To render efficiently normal 2D games(on smart phone) to high resolution games (on TV), Viewracle 3D also provides the high-resolution rendering function.

In case of the display resolution of phone is lower than TV, the quality of just mirrored TV contents may be depleted by the difference resolutions of  the both devices. Viewracle 3D has solved this problem by its high-resolution rendering function.