• Company Vision


Information technology is growing exponentially, to the point where it could have only existed in our imaginations. We are continuously amazed at how quickly technology is growing beyond our wildest dreams.

In retrospect, the revolutionary IT Big-Bang was ignited not too long ago by the popularization of the cellular phone. This rise in cell phone usage had a huge influence on technologies and industries such as display, software, sensor, semiconductor, computer, etc. - all of which were rapidly evolving together under this virtuous circle.

In 2001, NexusChips was born with this technology boom. At this time, just merely a decade ago, it was considered a high achievement for an IT company to be acknowledged as the fastest deliverer of unique products to their customers among their competitors. NexusChips was among this conglomerate who competed to be the best exporter of high quality mobile GPU chipsets, which contributed to the technological innovation of the cell phone, as we know it today.

The competition to create the best and most innovative platform is rampant in every industry, including the telephone, television, automotive, and sensor businesses. UX technology is one of the most important and critical aspects of smart platform devices. With the focus on the user's experience becoming increasingly important, NexusChips has focused our development in three different UX areas with great success to remain competitive in the market. First, NexusChips has accomplished developing and commercializing our nation's first Vision Processor, which will be recognized as a high value product by the UX industry. Secondly, we have launched a new business line for optical sensors that is essential for the development and refinement of recognition technology. And finally, NexusChips has generated great revenues with connectivity software solutions that are in high demand by smart phone device manufacturers.

Platform technology is continuously growing with the public availability of technological information and knowledge. If good technology or business models are isolated, it will eventually fail without proper re-evaluation and revamping from different perspectives. Therefore, NexusChips advocates flexible business models, like IP licensing, chip delivery, software licensing, and service construction in effort to continuously improve our products and the technology industry as a whole.

All in all, the platform technology has a self-replicating and distinct feature that connects all involved parties. This provides a new paradigm for the information technology industry. It brings forth a connected and integrated era, not only physically from device to device, but also between different technologies, businesses, and from the world's population to technology. This is referred to as the Internet of Things (IoT) or the Internet of Everything (IoE). We at NexusChips are championing this IT change and want to work in parallel with this new up and coming IT environment. We are ready to become and drive this change.

Success is not what you have, but who you are. With this motto in mind, NexusChips is taking one step every day to become a promising company to its shareholders, a reliable company to our customers, and a great company for our employees.

Thank you.

CEO Douglas M. Lee