Soc IP

  • NX-LDC
  • Lens Distortion Correction


NX LDC has been developed with the purpose of correction camera lens distortion. Typically wide-angle lenses produce barrel distortions like below. Distortion correction is able to digitally correct the lens barrel distortion and to provide a natural view of objects. Lens distortion can be mostly used by applying suitable algorithmic transformations to the digital photograph.


NX LDC provides special functions to process of lens distortion correction, so it can reduce the LDC tuning time for each sensor module. NexusChips’ state-of-the-art LDC algorithm had been applied.

Specialized LDC Algorithm

- Supports up to 2048x2048 input and output resolutions:
30 fps & higher frame rates(Input and output resolutions,
and frame per second rates depend on overall system’s architecture)
- Innovative LUT size reduction
- Support partial distortion tuning
- Support variable aspect ratio LDC result directly Support

LDC parameter extraction by SW

- Automatic LDC parameter extraction is available
- Each lens’ distortion tuning time reduction