Soc IP

  • Stereoscopic 3D creator & formatter


MEPSI-L is NexusChips Stereoscopic 3D(S3D) creator and formatter IP.

Creator function of MEPSI-L supports real-time generation of S3D images and movies from dual camera input.

To get the high quality S3D images, Stereoscopic creator IP not only support auto-convergence control function but also compensate the two kind of errors, which are tilt and rotation of dual camera, usually be problem in an implementation of S3D.

MEPSI-L supports all the above creator functions, when you want to get S3D images and movies.


Formatter function of MEPSI-L supports to generate of real-time images for S3D display devices like as pixel barrier or FPR panel. Created stereoscopic 3D images from dual camera input can be formatted simultaneously to 3D display devices.

Additionally, MEPSI can support PIP and rotation(90/180/ 270) functions.

Supports various formats at the same time. For example, you can video out(1) line barrier for pre-view, while video out(2) side-by-side for storing.